À Rebours Studio was started in 2012 by designers Rachel Arp and Simon Molinier. À Rebours have studios in Bern, Switzerland and New York City.
        Inquiries are welcome but it should be known that we do not work with ignorant or vulgar clients.

Studio statement:
        The end use of design is unknowable. The conceit of most designers, and those that promote them, is that, it is. Most designers act under the assumption that particular aesthetics or legibility or ergonomics, will influence the behavior of the end user, in a positive, enriching way. This is pure fantasy. Rich monstrous magnates and awe-shucks altruists often utilize the same fonts, without either noticing. However, we believe it is our job, before ever starting to work with a client, to weed out tacky scumbags, money-hoarding capitalists and those that truck in vapid trends.

Design is an art, albeit an applied one and we love designing.

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